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"It’s never too early to start teaching and walking beside our children"

How does it come about that within the first few years of life? Babies learn to understand everything around them and their brain grow as what they can see, hear, touch and smell which stimulate development and create millions of connections.                                         At the BabyLab, we create a loveable and friendly environment for parents and young kids (0-48 months) to explore the whole world through play, the active exploration of environment and interactions with their parents and carers. The objective of this program is to help young kids have a natural and comprehensive development with three education concepts: PLAY, MUSIC, ART and SEASONAL VILLAGE.

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    Art Story

    World of hand-on arts and craft activities – Inspire  child’s imagination and self expression

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    Play Story

    World of  physical activities – Explore body and grow up healthy

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    Music Story

    World of music, sound, rhythm and movement – Develop baby’s senses and emotions