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Play Story

Play story: BabyLab activities focus on a number of different learning and development areas, one of these is physical development. Physical or movement activities are really important for babies because they develop body strength, posture, balance, coordination and control which set the stage for further development. Thus Play class is designed as a “physical experience” to help children learn and explore their body, to develop his/her intellectual, physical and motor skills. Basic sport lessons will encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. Our children will learn basic skills for soccer, basketball, bowling, hockey, etc. and practicing teamwork, cooperation as well as sharing with other friends.                                                                           By parent-child classes, we also introduce many ways for parents to stimulate young babies. Parents know how to interact, play, bond and move with your baby/toddler and have a lot of fun. Let’s see how your baby becomes more confident when he/she join with us in Play class!