Whether you’re looking for full-time classes or evening studies, ArtLab provides a wide variety of options that can seamlessly fit into your schedule. Take a look at our available courses below. Also, with our Full-Time Program, students can experience ArtLab exactly how they want. If at any point you decide you’d like to join a different program, give us a Kakao message or drop by our administration office.


ArtLab Art


ArtLab Coding




The Atelier program aims children's creativity and expression through various materials and themes. In class, we present various art materials such as watercolor, poster color, oil painting, acrylic, etc. and various art theme such as classic drawing, mosaic, collage, contemporary art and reinterpretation.

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Coding is a program that learns basic computer language. There are various classes including beginner class for students of kindergarten and elementary school, intermediate class for students of middle school and advanced class for high school students, and exam preparation classes.

Project Based Learning

STEAM Craft is a PBL-based convergence art program that opens during the semester. Teachers and students explore the process of innovating 'New Things' by combining analog experience and digital technology.



School Camp




ArtLab Music

Summer / Winter Camp

Every summer and winter vacation,

ArtLab Camp held a day care program.
Students can spend an exciting vacation with various interesting programs such as intellectual skills, creativity, physical training, and social training.
It is one of the most popular

programs in ArtLab center.

My Child's First English

BabyLab is a infant development program with mother and professional instructors. Please develop your baby's first English education and social development together.

Music Performance & Theory

ArtLab Music is professional music performance course, and ArtLab art festival held every December venue. Also we offer music theory course such as ABRSM exam preparing.


ArtLab Experiment & Engineer


Theme Activity


ArtLab Sports

Experiment, ScienceBox

The ScienceBox is a block assembly engineer course, and the Kids Science Lab is the exploring the real world through scientific experiments

Every Saturday

Every Saturday some fun and exciting activity program for all registered
ArtLab members.

Swim / Golf / PE / Tennis

ArtLab Sports is coming soon.